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June's First Friday: "Playshop"

June’s First Friday: “Playshop”


Artist Reception from 7 - 9 pm | light snacks & drinks provided

Celine was born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains. She has enjoyed being outside in nature and in the ocean her entire life. These paintings began after moving to live on an island in the middle of the Pacific. She fell in love with the land, the water and the reef systems, and felt deeply compelled to paint her experience.

Her first piece is dedicated to Kauai's reef systems, where the inspiration began. After continuing to educate herself on the way the world’s oceans are currently changing, it became so much more. She later began painting seascapes around her home as well as coral reef systems around the world. These paintings are one of her favorite art mediums to practice, along with photography and illustration.

Large headshot pix.jpg


Samantha is an energy healer certified in Brennan Healing Science.  She teaches soul-based entrepreneurs how to launch their practice and make a great living doing what they love.  She guides people to bust through their limitations and live their most ecstatic, creative lives.


7:30-8:00 PM

Authenticity is the name of the game.  Whether you're working or playing, you want to do it from your true self.  Sometimes that is easier said than done.  Insecurities, ego, and unworthiness can get in the way. Come to this short playshop where you'll move through the main things that are holding you away from your deepest connection to yourself. 

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Live Music and Yin Yoga
7:00 PM19:00

Live Music and Yin Yoga

  • The Wellness Studio at Alliance Physical Therapy (map)
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Slow down and relax with us for this special event on June 12th in the Wellness Studio!

Yin Yoga is a practice of deepening and surrendering. Through this practice, we are able to open up, let go, and find deep connection to ourselves. We are excited to welcome Sight of Swans, who are on a national tour, to play live music for this oh-so-nourishing class! We love using sound to support our healing and this duo is bringing that energy to our yin class!

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2:00 PM14:00

Transformational Breath


This unique breath work is a self-healing body-mind therapy that uses connected breathing in an intentional way. Through the power of your breath, old traumas, limiting beliefs, and subconsciously held patterns of energy suppressed are gradually released. You are able to not only let go of what you have been holding onto but also transform and integrate the habitual thinking and behavioral manifestations of these suppressions as well. This amazing healing tool strengthens your body and mind, deepens your relationship with yourself, reduces anxiety and stress, and boosts your creativity.

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Differential Diagnosis and Integrative Management of the Hip
to Feb 24

Differential Diagnosis and Integrative Management of the Hip

  • Alliance Physical Therapy (map)
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Did you know that hip labral injuries are on the rise?  Tears can be a major source of pelvic and back pain, and early intervention can mean the difference between a repair and a hip replacement. Dr. Ginger Garner presents Differential Diagnosis & Integrative Management of the Hip at Alliance Physical Therapy this February.  You will learn the fundamentals of integrated care via functional & integrative medicine and enhance your ability to differentially diagnose and manage hip pain, especially for those suffering from labral tears.

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Soul Motion Dance Series
7:30 PM19:30

Soul Motion Dance Series

Join us for a dance series offered every Thursday in February from 7:30-9. Soul Motion is a conscious dance practice that invites self exploration and expression. We will come together to move our bodies with an invitation to see and sense the inspiration that is everywhere. No previous dance experience necessary.

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7:00 PM19:00

November's First Friday Event: "Magick"


"Magick" is the theme of this month's First Friday event. Join artist Tia Holmes, speaker Emily Leahy, and host Jenna Weitzman as we cultivate magick and empowerment to make subtle, powerful changes in your life.



Untitled design-2.png

"I paint beings of light, guardian angels, and guides. I can feel the desire of these beings to be 'seen' and connect with you. This work is my sacred service and a huge honor."

Tia creates incredible works of art that are based on sacred geometry, soul portraits, and art transmissions. Some of these transmissions are collaborations with her children and husband, and some incorporate re-purposed pieces. 

"Each sacred geometry piece is unique. I am inspired by nature, spirituality, Kabbalah, Angels, beings, and LIFE."




"Ditch Burnout: Heal your hustle"

The cycle of burnout is a thief that robs the world of passionate change agents. It’s time to break free. You work hard, hustle hard, and you get it done. You live by can't stop, won't stop, never stop! Then suddenly, things implode. You feel overwhelmed, apathetic, and paralyzed. All your drive and willpower has gone out the window. Sound familiar?

Being a squirrel trying to collect all of the acorns is not the way to meaningful success. I too was once a scattered squirrel, but I learned I could never feel fulfilled chasing the next deadline, the next accolade, the next like. I found the root of this dead end cycle.

One of the biggest lies we have accepted in our society is that we can accomplish more in life by never feeling we are enough. It’s possible to have alignment and balance without sacrificing results. Are you ready to put an end to romanticizing busyness and reframe the hustle?

In this talk you will learn:

- The deeper reason why we struggle with cycles of burnout.
- The difference between seeking growth and scarcity.
- What’s wrong with your self-care game.
- #1 Tool to shift your emotional & mental state.


Return to Sacred’s mission is to support leaders who are ready to release limitations, activate inner resources, and sustain an integrated spiritual practice to create a better world.


Emily Leahy, founder of Return to Sacred, is a certified healer, teacher, and guide in the Modern Mystery School. She specializes in supporting passionate hustlers who crave to ditch burnout and claim their worth to make a lasting difference in the world. Using grounding techniques and tools, she teaches how to create balance, master boundaries, and develop a stronger capacity to face life’s challenges. Emily believes in individual empowerment for collective impact through the application of these ancient tools. To learn more, visit www.returntosacred.com.

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7:00 PM19:00

"Imaginarium": July's First Friday

"Imaginarium": July's First Friday Event

Friday, July 6th from 7 - 9 pm


This month will feature visionary artist and Amazonian plant medicine shaman Timothy White. Timothy will be displaying his art for your healing enjoyment and enlightening us with a lecture on plant medicines originating from the Amazon. The evening will also be enhanced with musical accompaniment of Michael Logue.

"Peaking Inside the Imaginarium of Dr. Ayahuasca: Understanding Ayahuasca’s Therapeutic Properties"

Can ayahuasca—a foul-tasting, purgative Amazonian folk medicine—help end the pandemic of chronic depression, PTSD, and other stress-related illnesses running rampant in our contemporary world? Or is ayahuasca just an another faddish, over-priced snake-medicine that deserves to be banned as a “Schedule-1 psychedelic drug of no scientific benefit”? Timothy White—our guest artist for July—will address those questions in a free talk from 7:00 to 9:00 pm on Friday, July 6th.

Over the last several decades, dramatic stories about the marvelous healing properties of the Amazonian plant-medicine ayahuasca have been featured in a broad range of media—from National Geographic and Scientific Report articles to theatrical movies and DYI Youtube videos. Ayahuasca’s therapeutic benefits have been lauded by many well-known celebrities including the pop singer Sting, the actress Lindsay Lohan, singer-songwriter Tori Amos, and singer Paul Simon, as well as by many lesser-known eco-tourists and spiritual seekers. 

Timothy White, who has been studying about ayahuasca for decades, will describe some of the ground-breaking new clinical and sociological research discoveries that have been confirming the special healing properties of ayahuasca. Having participated personally in hundreds of ayahuasca ceremonies in the United States and South America, White will also offer his personal experiential insights into how the healing properties of ayahuasca are catalyzed and enhanced by indigenous ceremonial practices.

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Opening Portals and Offering Prayers: June's First Friday Event
7:00 PM19:00

Opening Portals and Offering Prayers: June's First Friday Event

An Evening of Opening Portals and Offering Prayers...

Please join Juniper, Natalia, Brian, Michael and Jenna as we gather June 1st for First Friday from 7-9 at Alliance Physical Therapy for an intentional evening of creative delight and healing magic.

Juniper Aurora Greene creates freehand drawn mandala portals which will be displayed around the space.

"My hope is that the mandalas bring you some of the joy and benefit they have brought me: knowing that there is a center of stillness inside no matter what is occurring in life, knowing that when you get a big enough perspective there is an intricate order governing even the most seemingly chaotic situations, and realizing that we all have great beauty and untapped capacities dwelling within us waiting to be expressed when we begin to trust our own feelings and creative impulse."

For this gathering, she will be bringing outlines of some of her portals for you to color in and supplies for you to also create one of your own. So, come and discover your own personal conversation with the practice that has guided the magic in Juniper's life. Open a portal with us and see what happens!

For more info please visit: www.ordered-chaos.com


Natalia Karoway is a lover and practitioner of shamanism, herbalism, and sacred ceremony. She has trained extensively in Andean shamanism and Western herbalism and merges the wisdom of the two lineages in her offerings. These days, you can find her whipping up plant magic goods for ceremony, healing, and beauty at www.sacredbotanica.com

On this special evening, Natalia will be holding space for a community portal. Using natural materials, everyone is invited to add their prayer/intention to a collective portal. There will be supplies there, however we encourage you to find a moment in your day to wander into the natural world and bring some elements that speak to you personally. Once complete, this portal will be gathered and offered back to the earth in a sacred way.

Additionally (for a small fee), Natalia will be offering an opportunity for you to mix your own custom flower essence to take home.


Brian Keith Axel is a composer and musician. His compositions offer meditative acoustic guitar explorations conjuring global musical soundscapes - subtle interweavings and inspirations from India and Ireland, alongside invocations of Appalachia and Big Sur. His new album is called Songs From My Solitude for a Love Soon Arriving. The title invokes the spirit of Kabir, Rumi, and Hafiz - for whom the relation to the divine is configured in terms of a relation to the Beloved. The album takes the listener on a journey to love, by way of a passage into the spacious stillness of the solitudinal. Simple melodies set against the drones and harmonic resonances of a solitary guitar engender the feeling of this space most powerfully. Along the way, the compositions offer an intimate view on the experiences of wakefulness that arise in making oneself into an offering...an offering of love and faith.

Brian will be part the soundscape as we play in this creative and intentional evening together.

To give his new album a listen, please visit:

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7:00 PM19:00

Bee Nourished - May First Friday

Alliance Physical Therapy Presents May's First Friday Event:  "Bee Nourished"

Join us for an evening designed to nourish your very being. The event is FREE and will incorporate art, refreshments, music, and meditations to leave you feeling your best.

Arrival to the event by 7:15 pm will automatically enter you into a raffle to win a B-12 shot.

Like bees, we are working together to create a community that supports each other. Let's enjoy the nectar of life and bee our best!


"Aiyana DeYoung's art is a creative representation of her own journeys through deep emotional transformations. She draws during the heat of transition as a ritual practice to call in reserves of strength for intentional change. She seeks to symbolize the archetypal forces essential to an evolution of personal identity. Her intention in sharing these pieces with the viewer is to stimulate an internal awareness and honesty that ignites and supports transformative emotional healing and individual empowerment."
Aiyana Deyoung Bee Mandala.jpg


B-12 helps to maintain energy, boosts mood, helps the nervous system properly function, prevents memory loss, contributes to heart health, and is needed for healthy hair and skin. The benefit of injectable B-12 is that is bypasses the digestive system and therefor can be better utilized by the body.
       This stinger contains a dose so potent it's nectar will support you for the whole month


Recently back from a trip to London to study ancient energy healing techniques and a potent meditation, Jenna and Erica are joining forces to help guide you home. The pair will be playing crystal singing bowls, each tuned to a different energetic system in the body, along with elemental chimes. This will be the background to the Max Meditation System™ that Jenna will guide you through. You can expect to feel incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated after this experience.


We will be serving a complementary delicious chocolate elixir, provided by Cacoco. 
Don't worry - it will also be available for purchase. You're not going to want to go home without some!

"Rather than the standard processed cocoa powder, cane sugar, and milk, we add all organic superfood herbs and spices to our fair trade chocolate blends for an amazing vitality elixir with anti-oxidants, minerals, and essential fatty acids, as well as a pharmacopeia of bliss inducing compounds that are most present in heirloom cacao varietals from healthy soil.

The result is a euphoric, delicious experience that makes the perfect start to any day, supplementing your coffee and tea time with chocolate as it's meant to be!"
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Get Rooted - March 1st Friday
7:00 PM19:00

Get Rooted - March 1st Friday

Join us for our March First Friday event!  Visionary artist Blake Foster joins forces with us to bring a deeper element of healing into our practice. Dr. Sonja Halsey, ND will be teaching us ways to improve our healing capacity.  Attendees will be entered into a raffle to win up to $300 worth of naturopathic services.  Discounted services also will be available to those attending this event.

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Vibrant Food, Vibrant Life
7:30 PM19:30

Vibrant Food, Vibrant Life

Vibrant Food, Vibrant Life
With Chef Beth Love

Do you suffer from significant chronic health challenges or know that your lifestyle is putting you at risk for major disease? Are you frustrated because you know that eating better would help you feel better, but you feel confused by the maze of conflicting dietary information and paralyzed about where to begin? In the meantime, are you aware that the food on the end of your fork hurts your body and leaves you feeling uncomfortable, demoralized, and disappointed in yourself?

There is a way to take your food and your health back into your own hands. You can learn about a simple-to-comprehend approach to eating that has demonstrated proven health results in literally hundreds of thousands of studies. Regardless of the health challenges you are facing, you can begin to create your vibrant life by using your power of choice to put healthier food on the end of your fork!

This is why I created Vibrant Food, Vibrant Life.

In this lively and interactive workshop, you will receive:

• Paradigm-shifting information about the connection between your food and yourhealth
• An introduction to a powerful system for adopting and sustaining a healthylifestyle
• Mistakes to avoid and secrets for success
• Information about continuing education
• And a tasty sampler of deeply nutritious foods that demonstrate that healthy eating does not have to be boring!

Through story, examples, presentation, engaging exercises, and a preview of the movie What the Health, Vibrant Food, Vibrant Life helps you take your next step toward the health and life you deserve.

Are you ready to reclaim your health and get yourself on track with your vibrant life? Do you have two hours to devote to the cause of learning information that might radically alter the course of your health and life? If “yes,” this event is for you!

Please email Beth at beth@wholenessworks.com for more information or to register!

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