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Frame Drum Making Workshop

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The Drum is a sacred instrument that invokes the heart and speaks a universal language. Its rhythmic heartbeat is at the center of ceremonies held by peoples all over the world. The shamanic drum is used to communicate with the Spirit and to connect our hearts with the heartbeat of mother Earth. It is a powerful medicine that heals the body, heart, mind and spirit.

In this workshop we will come together in a sacred space to create our own ceremonial drums. We will be making one-sided hand/frame drums, using wooden frames made of maple and hides of elk, buffalo, horse, moose or deer, and sinew. We will also be creating beaters for our drums out of various woods you bring to our gathering. Leather and sinew will be provided.

The creation of the drum is a prayer and a ceremony in and of itself. We will work with our drums as a visioning meditation for our lives and our paths, so that our thoughts and intentions remain in a high vibration as we create the drums, and though that process become part of the drum. During that time we will share and listen to sacred songs from different cultural traditions. Making your own personal drum is a sacred journey and the power of making s your own is incredible, it becomes an extension of your own heart and mind.

Kasey has been studying, teaching, practicing and offering workshops in the sacred healing arts for over 17 years. She is certified in several modalities and trained with many teachers in various indigenous cultural traditions which allows for deep and comprehensive offerings, teachings and personal sessions. Kasey is a Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Therapist, Channel/Psychic, Egyptian Numerologist, Reiki Master Teacher, Rocks and Reiki Master, Flower Essence Practitioner & Herbalist; a dreamer of dreams, and a believer that magic is created every day. Her practice and teachings utilizes the energy of crystals, sound, songs, plants and flower essences. As a sacred energy practitioner and teacher she strives to

empower others to empower themselves through understanding how to connect to the source that connectsoñandos us all.

Kasey also owns and operates Sundance Healing Arts & Yoga Studio in Grans Pass, OR. You can find out more, schedule a session or check upcoming events at her website or visit the studio at