We have a comprehensive, fresh and holistic approach that is more conducive to overall healing.


...our new direction...


Dr. Jenna Weitzman, PT, PYT-C is committed to providing a holistic place for healing to the community of Santa Cruz. She had a vision to build upon the current quality of services opening up to an improved and proven method of holistic healing. Formerly just a physical therapy clinic, the space has had tremendous growth, expanding to include a full wellness studio and naturopathic office. The new wellness studio now offers a place for the public, current and former clients to come together in joy to celebrate life, heal, and grow. We have a vision to deliver the ultimate healing experience in order to keep our patients healthy and happy from within.




...our philosophy...


The body has an innate ability to heal itself. There are certain proven ways to help support this process and that is what we strive to do at Alliance Physical Therapy. You are in control of your healing journey and we are here to support you, offer guidance and expertise, and make healing an enjoyable experience. 




Jenna Weitzman is a co-founding member and owner of Alliance Physical Therapy. Jenna brings a whole-hearted approach. Having spent her life studying the body in order to heal herself from a number of injuries and emotional traumas, Jenna appreciates the relationship between healing the mind, body, and soul. She has built her practice to reflect this and is deeply committed to helping those on a similar journey.  
Jenna is currently completing a certification in medical therapeutic yoga.  She has recently begun offering specialized yoga classes at Alliance Physical Therapy.  Dr. Jenna tends to use a medical therapeutic yoga approach in her individual treatments, as well. She is also studying to become a Postural Specialist. In her free time, Jenna is learning to play various instruments including a set of crystal singing bowls, ukulele, hand drums, and her voice. Jenna believes that music is medicine and is working to incorporate sound healing into her practice as well.  Jenna also leads regular meditation classes which you can find on the class schedule.

...our team...


Dr. Jenna Weitzman, PT, DPT, PYT-C


Camile Palazzo, PTA
Physical Therapist Assistant


Dr. Amelia Foster, PT, DPT, OCS, PYT-C
Physical Therapist / Pelvic Health Therapist


Tyler Bary, PTA, PYT-C
Physical Therapy Assistant


Pablo Robles
Physical Therapy Aide

Juan Romero-Cortez
Physical Therapy Aide


Sage Farrell
Physical Therapy Aide, Yoga Instructor


Karina Zamora
Patient Services Representative


Juan Medina
Physical Therapy Aide