It is our daily goal to make sure you leave
feeling better than when you came in.

Physical Therapy


Wellness Studio

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“My shoulder strength and mobility are almost back. I always enjoyed coming and visiting Zoe. This facility was well equip to help me strengthen my shoulder.”
— Liam B.



We are so grateful to be part of such a wonderful, active, and health conscious community. We are a holistic based practice with an emphasis on improving postural alignment which is commonly the underlying cause to the current injury you are seeking treatment for.


...we heal...



Our services list has grown and evolved to provide a more intuitive and holistic approach to facilitate the body’s natural inclination to heal itself.

It is our goal to bring healing to the community by making it an enjoyable experience using sound, connection, touch, and smell — feeding all of our senses and all of our needs.

As part of this experience, we are happy to introduce yoga, dance, sound healing, meditations, and essential oils to our practice.

We invite you to come share your healing experience with us!