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September's First Friday Event: "Flow State"

  • Alliance Physical Therapy 7887 Soquel Drive, Suite D Aptos, CA USA (map)

"Flow State"

September's First Friday Event

Friday, September 7th from 7 - 9 pm


Water Blessing Ceremony, Live Music, and Intention Setting

Please join our community in this sacred space to honor water and bring life to our collective and individual dreams.

Blue Horizon (1).jpg

Artist: Lauren Devon

About The Work

"I believe in an unconventional form of beauty: the kind that has depth beyond aesthetics, and the strength to transform and transcend. My work is inspired by feeling a connection to this beauty in the world. 

I choose to paint abstractly because I want to communicate the feeling behind a painting, rather than it's representation; in this way, abstraction feels more real.

Using color, texture, shape, and movement the painting opens a dialog between seeing and feeling. Beauty is when visuals prompt emotion, and an experience is created."

About The Artist

"I am a artist based in Santa Cruz California. My work is greatly influenced by beauty in the natural world and my relationship to it. Much of my work is inspired while swimming in the ocean, sailing, hiking, and working with organizations that help protect the earth."