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December's First Friday Event: "Nature's Gifts"

  • Alliance Physical Therapy 7887 Soquel Drive, Suite D and E Aptos, CA 95003 USA (map)

December’s First Friday Event:

“Nature’s Gifts”

Friday, December 7th


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For this year's final First Friday event, we will be honoring Nature's Gifts. We will be showcasing art that brings life to the spirit of nature and offering an opportunity to create living gifts for yourself or your loved ones this holiday season. Join us for this special evening!

THE ARTIST: Natasha Stanton
"My art gives one an insight into my own version of the spirit world. I am capturing what I interpret the in-between world to be, and where my own spirit lies: a colorful world that holds the faith there is something else other than the seriousness of day-to-day life. From the faceless shaman figures, to the expressive birds and animals, to the vibrant humans bursting out in symbolic, ecstatic dance: I paint what moves my own internal life.

The inspiration for my work comes from my connection to the nature and energy of my surroundings. I draw not only from experiences living in a small community in the Sierra Nevadas, but also from the ancient spirit of the land.

I have been taught in and have explored many artistic mediums over the years, but have found my voice with wood, acrylic paint, and ink. The wood and I have an understanding. Every piece of wood has a personality all its own, and I create around the knots and different grains it presents me.

The wood I use dictates what the finished product evolves into. I see the basic subject form in the knots and the grain. It’s akin to a Rorschach inkblot test. I’ll stare at the wood, and suddenly see figures hidden there: faces, animals, and spirits. The two major depictions in my work are Animals and Shamans. The animals serve as a link to Spirit Guide totems, and the Shamans relate to Spiritual Guardians. The figures may show themselves instantly, or I may need to revisit the piece months later. After set down the outline, I allow the piece of wood to guide me the rest of the way; as the painting progresses I feel an outside force meet an inside force. The outcome is the finished product you see."

THE EXPERIENCE: Terranium Making Workshop with Fossil + Fern

A mother, a maker and inspired designer. Tania is inspired by geometric shapes with a twist of boho chic modernism using industrial strength design mixed in with the diversity of natural beauty. She started Fossil + Fern by making her own unique concrete planters then spun into facilitating workshops and providing special event decor design services. Tania loves inspiring others to create with nature and making a living art piece that will bring the joy of nature to any space.

Creating your own terrarium is a therapeutic experience that will connect participants to nature by working with natural materials to make a unique living peace of art. Choosing from geometric glass shaped terrariums, beautiful plants and natural decor, resulting in deep satisfaction and a piece of art that will last. 

These make great holiday gifts! Come and learn how to make one of your own and create one with the guidance of Fossil + Fern.

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