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Vibrant Food, Vibrant Life

Vibrant Food, Vibrant Life
With Chef Beth Love

Do you suffer from significant chronic health challenges or know that your lifestyle is putting you at risk for major disease? Are you frustrated because you know that eating better would help you feel better, but you feel confused by the maze of conflicting dietary information and paralyzed about where to begin? In the meantime, are you aware that the food on the end of your fork hurts your body and leaves you feeling uncomfortable, demoralized, and disappointed in yourself?

There is a way to take your food and your health back into your own hands. You can learn about a simple-to-comprehend approach to eating that has demonstrated proven health results in literally hundreds of thousands of studies. Regardless of the health challenges you are facing, you can begin to create your vibrant life by using your power of choice to put healthier food on the end of your fork!

This is why I created Vibrant Food, Vibrant Life.

In this lively and interactive workshop, you will receive:

• Paradigm-shifting information about the connection between your food and yourhealth
• An introduction to a powerful system for adopting and sustaining a healthylifestyle
• Mistakes to avoid and secrets for success
• Information about continuing education
• And a tasty sampler of deeply nutritious foods that demonstrate that healthy eating does not have to be boring!

Through story, examples, presentation, engaging exercises, and a preview of the movie What the Health, Vibrant Food, Vibrant Life helps you take your next step toward the health and life you deserve.

Are you ready to reclaim your health and get yourself on track with your vibrant life? Do you have two hours to devote to the cause of learning information that might radically alter the course of your health and life? If “yes,” this event is for you!

Please email Beth at for more information or to register!

Later Event: February 2
February First Friday